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GMCM exists to lead people to life in Christ by being loving, relevant, and life-giving. We give spiritual food as well as reaching out to physical needs. Through our ministries, we wish to be a body of Christ who fully functions in human life.


Women’s Ministry

GMCM ministry to Women exists to help women fulfill Jesus Great Commission to all believers

(Matt 28:18-20), in the specific way that God has called the Navigators to fulfill this call, alongside other women and men- old and young, in the different contexts God has placed on us. The Ministry to Women, like all the other GMCM Ministries, is guided by 9 core values that underpin everything we do. The expression of how these core values are lived out will look different for the Women ministry as Women are unique in how they relate and impact within a family and society atmosphere, for God’s purposes.

Contact Christabel Achieng  |  Tel: +254 705 56 71 73

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Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry program is to prepare students for effective ministry to middle high, senior high, or college students and their families within the context of a local church or mainchurch organization.

We train young people to lead the cause of Christ, and apply Christianity to every area of life is what "youth ministry" is about. If we don't know that, the kids won't either.

Contact Daniel Odira  |  Tel:+254 -724 29 76 51

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Outreach Ministry

Our Outreach ministry is About God, Not Us.
God provided for the salvation of the world through Jesus' death on the cross. We strive to reach out to the unreached with the gospel of good news, praying with them as well witnessing to many who needed christ.

Contact Jim Oketch Olango  |  Tel:+254 -724 29 76 51


“Train a child in the way He should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). our Children’s Ministry, embodies the great adventure of knowing God, discovering His Word and enjoying His people. Here, we seek to draw the young ones into a closer walk with Jesus and to empower them to reveal His love to others along the way. Over the years, we have established a time-honored custom of giving special treatment to children due to the importance they hold as far as future generations are concerned. Our commitment to nurture children of faith is underpinned by the belief that a strong children’s ministry translates into a strong social fabric.

Currently we are seeking your support of $30 per child per month that shall help in;

1.paying school levies for the child

2. buy clothes

3. buy foodstuffs

Contact Susan Awino | Tel:+254 -724 29 76 51

Children's Ministry


Widows Ministry

Ministry Purpose: To provide a secure and honored sisterhood community for our widows to pursue their called ministries. This includes their encouragement by promoting and recognizing their many contributions to our church's vision throughout the church body.
We strive to help each widow maintain her joy of life through committed personal ministers' readiness to "be there" and lovingly help her address existing or potential physical, mental or spiritual "distress" speed bumps or barriers.

Contact Helida Matunga
helidam@gmcm  |  Tel:+254 -724 29 76 51

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Elderly Care Ministry

Our Elderly Care Ministry provides limited but, much needed resources to elderly people who have little or no support. We give relational/emotional encouragement to the elderly who do not have an adequate support system.

Contact Jim Okoth  |  Tel:+254 -724 29 76 51

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